Artist Statement


I have made the journey down the old road, through trees and shallow puddles to another world that is divided by an intersection.  The world I seek is obscured by a vacancy of necessity, it was left behind by its previous stewards who only dealt in abandonment.  Now all that remains of the ritualistic discarding of functionless articles are the remnants of machines and structures, submerged under accretions and deposits made annually by the silent sentinels of the forest.

To some, this world is inconsequential, its use was lost years ago as laws stood in opposition of this world’s function.  Now the only remainder of its glory rusts and sinks into the earth’s recesses.

It is here where I find the old triumphs of mankind, and it is here where I find function in the functionless. Around me lay their figures crumpled half berried, lost objects, machines, the unidentifiable, all stamped with ornate motifs and marked by the pit and scratch of nature. I carve, grind, and weld, These are the objects of a past world, the objects I create with them are remnants.

I thank Lee Bontecou, Theodore Roszak, and Quinto Ghermandi, I never met them, but their respective works have influenced me.